Nicole Gallina






I am a politologist focusing on Eastern European topics and political theory.

My recent research comprises comparative studies of political culture; how political cleavages influence governing, namely constitution-making; and the conceptualization of informality - in particular the development of an analytical framework that helps us to understand better how political elites function within a given institutional system. A book on the issue will be forthcoming soon.

See the according papers:

Political Culture in Eastern and Western Europe. The Role of Political Correctness, in: Nicole Gallina und Katerina Gehl (eds.), Kultur der politischen Eliten in Osteuropa, Berlin: Lit-Verlag, 73-94 (2016).

Constitution-making in modern Ukraine, in: Anna Fruhstorfer and Michael Hein (eds.), Constitutional Politics in Central and Eastern Europe, Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 495-517 (2016); (final version 2015).

Analysing Informality: A Case-Study Based Concept Applied to the Czech Republic, in: Christian Girodano and Nicolas Hayoz (eds.), Informality in Eastern Europe. Structures, Political Culture and Social Practices, Bern: Peter Lang, 141-157 (2013). See also:  Conceptualizing Informality - Proposal for an Analytical Framework, excerpt (2014).

I have published a book on Europeanization processes in Central and Eastern Europe (with case studies on Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic), and a book on state reform in Ukraine (the "papers" section has details on the books and offers full-texts of my older papers).














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